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Two decades since first project delivery

It was 10th of October 2001 when I delivered my first paid order. I was a teenager on high school and it wasn't very special for me that day. I was happy for the pocket money, but much more important was, that on the same day, I started dating my first girl ever and I was completely fallen in love :). Surprisingly, that relationship lasted 5 years, and it almost looked like it would be my only one, but years passed, rivers has flown and at the end of 2021, I am equally happy for both of these happenings. First made me a developer and second made me a stronger person. But this article is in the first place tribute to the most important people of those 2 decades.

2021-10-26 | 8 minutes reading | tags: Personal

Strong vs Weak data linking

I have been using a customized zettelkasten method for my personal knowledge database since university, but recently I have deleted all strong (hard) links from the data and I like it. Here is why...

2021-09-18 | 5 minutes reading | tags: Personal, Zettelkasten

Stoicism in modern world

I practice Stoicism more or less successfully for more than a decade. I would like to share with you brief practical cheatsheet, that will show you what (I think) Stoicism is about in real world situations and how can it help you to be better person and live better life.

2021-06-06 | 6 minutes reading | tags: Personal, Philosophy, Minimalism

Finally ready to leave ThinkPad family

After almost 20 years of using Thinkpads, I feel ready to leave this family. I took some effort and focus. It came as a side effect really. But I am very happy for it.

2021-06-02 | 5 minutes reading | tags: Personal, Laptop, Thinkpad, Minimalism

My journey to become a Gentoo fan

I started working with linux 17 years ago (in 2003). It was Debian Woody. Kernel version was 2.4.x and everybody was talking about making the big step to 2.6. Linux of that era was complete disaster when it comes to UX, or working "out of the box", but for me it was fun and I also liked that "underground" feeling about it. I didn't understand most of the underlying things, and to be honest, every time I got sick of it, or I wanted to play some games, I just rebooted to Windows XP :)

2020-06-13 | 7 minutes reading | tags: Gentoo, Linux, Personal